Friday, June 26, 2009

My life revolves around the java

Life around the TikiBoo home has become a little busier recently. Hubby started a new job a few weeks ago, it's only slightly further from home, however it involves freeway travel so takes him much longer to get to and from the office. This week I returned to (paid) work for two days a week. The highlight was the girl in the coffee shop remembering my name after 14 months.

In far more exciting news, we have signed up for a stall at Mathilda's Market here in Brisbane on July 19th! We are busily sewing and knitting so we have enough items - I already have a pile of cute skirts, Mum is busily making some dresses, and I spend the afternoon cutting out a ton of shorts - yes, Mama's of boys, we will have something for you! There will also be some special guests attending with us.

Add to that pile of sewing, the summer wholesale stock! We had a photo session last weekend with the talented Rachel Richter. It was a bit of a challenge with a few cranky models not impressed with wearing summer dresses on a chilly day! I'm now facing the daunting task of selecting the images and it hasn't been easy.

There have been a few late nights and much coffee required (my lovely parents have even dropped over with my favourite take away flat white the past couple of days).

To celebrate our new blogger location and our own URL, let's have another GIVEAWAY. This one is all ready to go, so no delay! I'm not going to tell you what it is either...but it's not a kids product, so anyone can enter.

What you need to do:

1. If you're signed to blogger or google, make sure you're following this blog.
2. Leave a comment telling me A. What you do to stay awake when you're tired and B. what your favourite takeaway coffee is - where you buy it and how you like it!

You have a week. I'll announce the winner next Friday.


  1. Coffee, Coffee & Chocolate here.

    Thankfully there is a drive through coffee shop about 10 minute from home which regularly gets a work out from me. A Vanilla Late Grande for me and a couple of little cookies for the kids

  2. Mochas! Definitely! You have to be able to taste the chocolaten though and with lots of cocoa on the top. Drool.

    I usually tend to stay awake by cleaning actually. I hate it but it keeps me busy - mostly because there is usually heaps of it to do! lol

  3. B-B-Berocca gives me back my B-B-Bounce!! I don't do instant and unfortunately hubby makes the best plunger coffee - so I do without at home until the weekend!

    BUT on pre-school days I absolutely love to indulge in a Soy Caramel Latte at Gloria Jean's - the soy has taken a bit of adjusting - but I just appreciate my toddler free coffee! (for a few months at least!)

  4. Toothpicks come in handy. Or usually (like now) it's the job of a small person keeping me awake, even though I'm tired.

    My favourite coffee... Gloria Jeans caramel latte with cream on top :) yummo!

  5. Coffee is my only saviour when I need to stay awake. I love coffee from my newly discovered cage in the main street of my town, called "The Chocolate Room". I like my coffee one way only, strong skinny latte.

  6. I am a "just push through the tiredness" type of girl and I usually get a second wind!

    One Latte, one sugar for me please.


  7. Iced coffee when I'm tired (I had a stockpile in the fridge for such occassions) as for my favourite coffee.. soy latte (one sugar) from a local coffee shop called simply 'coffee shop' they have lots of big comfy couches inside and are locally owned which makes me want to support them

  8. A. To keep myself awake I brew a cup of caramel cream coffee and load cd's full of songs from the 80's and crank it. If the kids are asleep I turn on the wireless headphones.

    B. I have yet to venture too far into the coffee world but at present I would have to say gloria Jeans Caramel latte with a hint of caramle sauce on top... A good traditional Irish Cream coffee is still a yummy once in a blue moon favourite too :)

  9. I dont really drink coffee, except for when its extreamly busy at work. But I like to buy a chocolate bar (generally Cadbury Flake) and break it into pieces and drop into the cup. Its Mocha-good! Even more so when you add crushed flake to the top :D

  10. Hmmm...that's a tough one! Since having babies I have found that I am tired a little bit more than I used to be - usually I drink tea and that helps but when I really need to stay awake, that's when I drink coffee - and I buzzing in no time!

    My favourite coffee is a cafe latte - boring I know but I love the simple things in life! :) Usually I pick one up on the weekends from Gloria Jeans to get me through my morning shop with the girls!

  11. The way I stay awake when I'm tired is with a nice hot coffee and by keeping busy and keep moving, if I stop I will be found asleep on the lounge I am sure.

    Coffee, oh my passion for sure. These days I work from home and am very lucky and have a coffee machine of my own. So my routine involves dropping Bella to school, coming in via the garage to the kitchen and starting it up as soon as I set foot into the kitchen. I have been told that I make the best coffee around here :)

  12. Coke Zero.I have just learnt to adjust to no sleep basically. Plus having a husband who has selective deafness when the kids are screaming kinda helps.

    I'm not a coffee or tea girl but give me a skim hot choloate with a shot of hazelnut and I'm anyones.

  13. I get a 2nd wind usually after the kids have gone to bed & the days chores are done. This is when I enjoy sitting down to sew. I don't feel so tired when I'm doing something I enjoy!

    My new fav is a skim iced coffee (& yes I forgo the cream!!)from Gloria Jeans.

  14. When I'm tired I'll have a coffee or try to do something energetic to keep me busy so I'll forget I'm tired.

    My fave coffee is a good old skinny chino and I'm not fussy but I do love Merlo coffee!!

  15. When I am tired, which is quite often actually! I pop the kids in the pram and start walking! anywhere! just to wake myself up and stop myself from going loopy!
    When I grab a coffee I have a latte with sugar! I am also partial to a Vietnamese milk ice coffee with condensed milk! devine!


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