Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dinner for 8

Blog This Challenge 6: The Dinner Party
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to plan a fabulous dinner party. You've been given a healthy budget, so don't scrimp! Guest list - 8 people, dead or alive, real or ficticious. The menu - will this be your very own masterchef moment, or is outsourcing more your style? Is there a theme? What will be the entertainment for the evening? What will you wear? What will you talk about? Don't forget the wine! Have fun planning, be as creative as you like. If you're creative, maybe even design the invitation. Make this an event not to be missed!

I'm going to create this dinner party on a gorgeous secluded beach. We're all outside under the stars on a calm night.
Something like this, but for eight.

The weather is perfect. It's a black tie affair, of tie & bare feet. Men in suits, ladies in elegant gowns. I shall wear pale pink, with pearls.

The entertainment is provided by two greats - Frank Sinatra & Micheal Jackson. We will dance on the sand.

The guests...let's go for an interesting blend. I haven't decided on the seating plan just yet, it will require a little more thought to get it just right.

JFK - The charisma factor. I think he'd get along well with Obama, although we'd have to make sure they didn't talk politics all evening.

It was a hard choice between Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn. As much as I adore Audrey, I think I'd rather have her over for tea and cake than a dinner party, which seems to be more Grace's style. Plue it would be interesting to see who she flirted with the most!

Michael J Fox. just because he's great and was a favourite of mine when I was younger. I loved him as Alex P. Keaton. I'd take away his parkinsons for the night as well.

Margaret Mead would simply be a facinating person to chat to, the places she has been, the things she has seen and done. I think I'd claim the seat next to her.

Obama. Well he is man of the moment.

His lovely wife, Michelle.

Dr Phil. I love Dr Phil. I'd love to hear what he has to say to our last guest...

Schapelle Corby. Enough said.

Cooking is not my favourite thing to do, I find it hard to get satisfaction from something that doesn't last longer than an hour! So, we will be outsourcing. Here's my menu:

Yes, 3 desserts.


  1. I love your guest list! Fabulous.. although I'm pretty sure Obama is a vegetarian.. so you might have to make sure there is extra potatoes with your beef wellington!

    I love the triple dessert! My kind of menu!

  2. lol.. well I just thought - I should really google this thing about obama being vegetarian instead of just saying it on someone's blog like that, and it turns out he ISN'T!!! Really should have checked that first! :P

    Oh well! At least you won't have to change your menu :D

  3. i'd go purely for the three desserts! and to meet grace and obama. great list!


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