About TikiBoo

About…me. I am Kathryn. I am Mama to Alexandra. I am a WAHM who lives in Brisbane, Australia. I love to sew and create, garden and eat. I collect fabric and old china, restore old furniture, travel, plan trips and drink coffee.

She is TikiBoo. That's what we call her. It's a long, rather silly story involving indian takeaway. Five and a half years old and a contant source of joy and inspiration. She is the reason TikiBoo Kids came about, I mean, one small child can’t require that many clothes! So we decided to share our boutique creations with the world and we are having a lot of fun. This blog started as a place to share my designs and ideas, but has evolved to a place where I share everything. Well, almost everything, most recently the acquisition and decorating of our new home, and creation of a garden from a patch of grass.

Please feel welcome to contact me, about whatever you like. If it's anything to do with children's clothing, you can see more details over at our website. Our designs are now sold exclusively at our All You Need store.

One day I shall update to a more recent photo...

Kathryn xxx

If you want to know more about ME, try THIS post!
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