Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holiday Nostalgia

The latest challenge from Blog This:

Everyone loves Holidays. Everyone has had a holiday - be it a great big backpacking adventure, a luxury weekend away,a caravan trek as a kid with the family taking in Big Bananas, Big Prawns, Big Pineapples et al, Camping in the neighbours yard under the stars for a few nights. Elaborately planned holidays, impromptu 'let's get out of here' holidays. Blog about a holiday you've had that stands out - adventure, relaxation, family, friends, disaster, hilarious events! Who were you with? Where did you go? What made it so memorable? Share a photo if you want!

While I'd love to continue raving about our recent family holiday to France, I have already blogged about it recently, so I'll have to pick another!
Our honeymoon was pretty wonderful. We married in Auckland, the city of my birth and pretty special to me. The original plan was to have our honeymoon in Mexico, however coordinating flights became too difficult, so we decided to stay local and head to Waiheke Island. I simply cannot believe I had never been to this blissful little place in the whole 15 years we lived there.

We stayed in a fabulous B&B/Small Hotel called The Boatsheds. Our room was 3 storied. Bathroom on the ground floor, bedroom on the next, and the top floor - the square room on the right of the photo - opened right up and had a daybed, table & chairs. The view was divine.

We spent the entire week eating, strolling and visiting the local wineries and galleries. Perfect. I can't wait to go back one day with Miss TikiBoo!


  1. It looks amazing!
    New Zealand is such a gorgeous place, I hope to go back soon!


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