Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Home on Wednesday} - Wallpapering Children's rooms

The other day I decided to go and investigate one of the new Masters Home Improvement stores. It's not particularly close, but I love hardware and gardening stores so thought it could be worth the trek.
It was well worth the trip as I managed to score 3 white Camelia Japonica plants. I've been looking for ages and only ever locate the Sasquana variety, which prefer a sunnier spot than Japonica's.

While I was there I wandered around and happened to notice a nice little range of wallpaper, including some pretties from Laura Ashley. I haven't had wallpaper in a house since I lived in New Zealand, so I had never really considered it...until now!

Miss TikiBoo has been asking for pink walls in her bedroom, so it got me thinking that maybe a wallpaper feature wall would be nice. It's a very boring room with no windows, only a set of french doors out to the sleepout (my office). Wallpaper would certainly brighten it up!

Browsing the internet, I came up with the following, all found via Wallpaper Direct.




I have asked Miss TikiBoo which ones she likes best, and she picked the 3 brightest! None of which would really go with her current bedlinen, naturally! For that matter I'm not really convinced any of them would go, except possibly one of the stripe papers. The quilt fabrics are from Tanya's Whelan's French Hatbox collection, and we both really love them, so would prefer to work with them than replace.

Have any of my readers ever wallpapered a room? I'd love to hear from you if you have!
Opinions are also very welcome. Which would you choose?

If you have stopped by, it would be lovely if you could leave a comment or just say hello so I know that you've been here. Thank you!


  1. I've never done wallpaper. All our walls are VJs, so I don't think we could have it. I do love the really bold floral. xx

  2. The only thing I've eber wallpapered was the shop counter at my old shop, Little People's Linen. I did that in a Laura Ashley chambray and white stripe. It's not that hard but you do need to get everything set up and have two sets of hands.
    With Miss Tikiboo's bed linen, I like the idea of stripes or polka dots as these will still work when she's older and with future bed linen purchases.
    Good luck
    Kylie x

  3. oh i love the darker pink floral with the bottom right stripes. what gorgeous wallpapers. have a lovely day. xo.

  4. Hi Kathryn! I'm also taking the BYW class and found your blog. It is absolutely lovely! I used to live in a Victorian brownstone before my current more modern loft. I found beautiful handprinted wallpapers by the company Bradbury & Bradbury. I loved the papers so much I kept a file full of the samples when I moved.

  5. I have a wallpaper feature wall in my lounge room. I did it about 8 years ago and I still love it. I think the secret is to go with something that you love and is not too overpowering. You want it to be on the wall for a long time and only paper one wall, not a whole room.
    I think stripes would work well in your little girls room, because they are timeless.

  6. Looks lovely.

    I agree with either stripes or toile.

    More lasting :)

  7. Hi Kathryn,

    Too many to choose from but being a stripe addict I vote for any one of those. I'm no help, sorry.
    Miss Tiki boo's bedroom looks so gorgeous.

    Kel x

  8. I would love to wallpaper my master bedroom closet with any of those pink toile or damask papers! Gorgeous!!

  9. Love the closet idea! We have one dining room wall that's wallpapered in sort of a grasscloth and I'd love to change it. It's low on the priority list though. When you do Miss Tiki Boo's room, I'll follow your step-by-step instructions!

  10. I'm a wallpaper maniac. We're renovating my family home and I've had so much fun choosing wallpapers. We're doing it room by room and the best part of it is choosing the wallpaper.

    Have you had a look at the toiles Manuel Canovas does?
    I think they are absolutely gorgeus.
    We've used a green and pink one in a bedroom

    I'm not a big fan of feature walls but I think putting wallpaper on two walls in a room works really well.

    Have fun choosing and renovating!

    Laura (from BYW)

  11. Looks beautiful!

  12. What a lovely place you have here! I shall make a point of visiting more often :)

    I would go for the stripy wallpaper on the top right hand side. I think it works best with the shades of pink in Miss TikiBoo's bedding.

  13. I just came upon your blog - it's lovely! I think I'd convince her the striped ones are the best (they would be my pick!).

  14. Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback, it's appreciated.

    Stripes would be my pick too, I shall have to start a hunt for the *perfect* stripe. I also have a hankering to paper a feature wall in the living room, eventually.

  15. I really adore the bright pink floral for an accent wall or behind the bed. Just gorgeous. I shy away from wallpaper, but I've seen it used more in design lately, and it can be stunning.


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