Friday, October 28, 2011

Where are all my Bloggy friends...

The other night I managed to accidentally delete my blogroll.
While trying to recall all the blogs I had listed, I thought I'd take the opportunity to categorise it, so if anyone happens to be looking around for other Australian bloggers, for example, they're right there, listed under Aussie Bloggers.

If you're one of my wonderful regular readers and you don't see your blog on the list, please drop me a line letting me know, and which category you thing you'd like to be pigeonholed into! Or if you ARE there, but think a different category would suit you better, then I'm open to that as well.

I'm also fond of those pretty little square banners, so if you happen to have one for your blog - please email me the code and I will add it to the page of pretty banners.

If you have stopped by, it would be lovely if you could leave a comment or just say hello so I know that you've been here. Thank you!


  1. oh I'm so sorry that happened, blogger can be frustrating. I can't log in right now so I have to leave an anonymous comment (darn blogger )

  2. you are such a sweetie. thanks kathyrn for including me. blogger causes me grief all the time. i logged in the other day and my followers had disappeared?! i logged out and in again to find they were back. :) who knows! have a lovely weekend. xo.

  3. Hi Kathryn, RRC is listed..thanks.
    Enjoy your Friday
    Annie xx

  4. Kathryn. you can import them all back from your reader if you tick that box when you're in your dashboard.
    Listen to me giving IT advice! #IT gumby. A-M xx

  5. Hi Kathryn

    oh don't worry - that has happened to me recently and I am just needing to bring them over again from reading blog roll.

    It is sorting out my weeds anyway and cleaning it out of what I have been meaning to do.

    Your blog is always stunning - like your designs too x

    have a wonderful weekend

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  6. I am pretty sure you're on my blogroll. I know what you mean, I would be devo if my blogroll disappeared!


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