Thursday, October 20, 2011

Start where you are

Today I wish I were here...

or here...

or here...

However, I'm at home all day watching tradespeople work, and cooking for the school fete this weekend, so I'll have to take this advice instead!

What have you got planned for the day?

If you have stopped by, it would be lovely if you could leave a comment or just say hello so I know that you've been here. Thank you!


  1. Hi Kathryn-
    So glad you found me via BYW. Another great spot in Santa Monica is at the Huntley Hotel in their view restaurant called The Penthouse. THe views are amazing of the coast.

    It's so nice to exchange with people from other parts of the country and/or world! Teri

  2. I want to go to the first one for lunch!!
    Oh well....home's not so bad. Have a nice day x

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    I am Paris dreaming too today. Well, I do most days actually. :)

    Kel x

  4. Hi Kathryn

    Just found your beautiful blog and enjoying looking at some past posts. Oh I'm in love with Paris and hope to be off to visit next year. I love meeting new friends and hope you will come over and see a little bit of my world so we can keep in touch I have now joined you if you would like a new friend come and join me too. Have a great day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  5. Freckles are my favourite! I just discovered your gorgeous blog through some of my other fav Aussie blogs & I am now your latest follower. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  6. Hi Kathryn, This is Paris right? How can it not be? I have a friend who is leaving for Paris next week (I've never been), and I'm so envious. My son is (and who knows how it got started) fascinated with France, and we'd lovelovelove to go sometime.

    Good luck at your school's fete today! It's homecoming at my son's school and although I don't have to cook anything, we'll be there


Thank you for taking the time to comment, you just made me smile!

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