Friday, October 21, 2011

Freckles for the fete


Tomorrow is our school fete. One of my favourite contributions is always Freckles as they are so easy and require minimal cooking, and can be made well in advance. Miss TikiBoo LOVES them, and because they're small I don't mind letting her have the occasional one - she tends to go a bit crazy when she has sugar.




I'm not particularly exact when it comes to measuring for these.

- Choc Melts
- Copha
- Hundreds & Thousands (I like the natural coloured ones)

Melt about a cup of choc melts with a bit of copha. Around a teaspoon or so.
You can use regular chocolate, but it tends to melt faster. I like to do a combination of dark and milk.
Pour into moulds. I have Eiffel Tower chocolate moulds left over from Miss TikiBoo's Parisian birthday party, so I used those for some, then for the round freckles I use mini muffin tins and fill around 5mm deep.

Sprinkle Hundreds and Thousands on and put in the fridge to set.

Too easy!

What's your school fete standby? Do you make cupcakes galore, or are you more of a jams & pickles person?

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  1. They look delicious. Enjoy the fete.x

  2. What a lovely blog you have, and these freckles look wonderful! I bet they were yummy. Your photography shows them off so well, too.

  3. oh i love this idea and your photos are beautiful. enjoy the fete. i am going to give this a go. my kids will love them! .xo

  4. I bet your freckles are 100% better than the shop bought variety Kathryn.
    My contribution was cakes, every single year for 11 years. In total I literally baked hundreds of cakes. Probably why I couldn't face baking for a few weeks after each Fair.
    Have fun at the Fete.
    Annie xx

  5. This is definetly on my list for the next time I have to bring something in for the school fete. x

  6. super cute! stopping by from BWY... will be back again!

  7. Yummy I love freckles never thought about making them myself what a great recipe, a few would be nice around about now with my coffee. I enjoy school fetes you can buy such delicious homemade treats, hope you have a lovely time.

    Always Wendy

  8. Yummo - they look good, I can't resist chocolates and freckles.

    You have been 'Tagged' in my 10 Things about me you don't want to know post. Now it's your turn to fess up... ...

  9. O yum. My daughter woule LOVE these
    Cheers Kylie


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