Thursday, October 13, 2011

Delightful or daggy?


These little charmers are something we inherited from the previous owners.
They are really...very floral.

I really have no idea what to replace them with.  Any suggestions?

This is the bathroom in it's entirety.  We don't have that chair though, we have an enormous mahogany sideboard which wouldn't fit anywhere else!  It doesn't really suit, but it's mighty useful for storage.  We don't have a pretty gold mirror either.

Notice how the real estate photographer omitted the curtains?  I wonder why...

What's your verdict?  Delightful or Daggy?

By the way, I'm trying to make a little more effort with my photos.  What do you think?

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  1. Oh my. They look freakily similar to what we had when we first moved here. I tossed them out and I just bought plain white which I can throw in the washing machine. But that's me.
    Anthropologie do gorgeous shower curtains. xx

  2. I can't believe I'm saying this...but I think I like them. Maybe I need more sleep?!

  3. your photos look great Kathryn. the shower curtain..sitting on the fence with this one. i could love it a lot and have it annoy me the next. love your bathroom though. i agree...anthropologie have stunning shower curtains. i recently ordered one myself. you should take a look. i think one would look perfect in your space. xo.

  4. I kinda like them but I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of shower curtains in any form. I remember Alannah Rose Blog had some nice ruffle shower curtains from Overseas posted last year.

  5. Thanks for the tips re anthropologie. I do love these: although we need two so at that price might be stretching the friendship. Inspiration though!

  6. I think I like them....can't believe I'm saying it because I'm normally a white white girl!

  7. I'm thinking delighful... for a while anyway!

  8. Hello Kathryn

    well - I'm feeling very unusually liking to them - normally I would be telling you to rip those suckers down and lets get some white going - but they are very authentic to say the least to the bathroom and the styling.

    What if they were tied back to one side and you purchased some plain white as the main ones??? Crazy thought or are you warming to it?

    thank you so much for checking in with my and my humble blog - so appreciated.

    have a wonderful Friday




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