Friday, October 14, 2011

Bay window inspiration


Fabric sample images are from Ariadne Fabric

The bay window in our living area has so much potential, yet right now it's just there, looking all dark wood framed and dull!
As I've mentioned, I want to paint the whole frame white so it lets in more light. The twin window in the front bedroom (used as a family room at the moment) is white framed and the room is far lighter and fresher.
Neither of the windows have any type of curtain or blind, they just sit there, being uninspired windows.

I bought the couch and the chair for the living area and have been on the hunt for another chair or two, when I suddenly thought that maybe a window seat would be a better use of the area. (Actually, the fact the the cat was using my new couch as a climbing frame to look out the window was the inspiration!). Not only will it provide seating, but will also be some much needed extra storage.

So, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration.

1. This is so fresh and I love the colours...of course.  This is perfect just as it is.

2. Are these linen holland blinds?  I'm trying to decide if I love them, I think I do!  I also love that the seat looks nicely padded and cosy.

3. Who can go past a crisp stripe!  Roman blinds give a more contemporary look that the softer Holland in the picture above.  

4. Storage! Either lift up like this, great for seasonal items like blankets and doonas.

5. Or for something a little fancier, these drawers are rather sweet.

Have a lovely weekend everyone - we have more gardening and socialising planned!

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  1. Hi Miss Kathryn

    I think a good Roman Blind for the window treatments.
    Love those box seats too.

    I hope you get in your gardening this weekend in between all the showers predicted

    have a lovely weekend



  2. Hi Kathryn,

    You are so lucky! I have always wanted a bay window with seat. My favourite inspiration images are the first and last ones. Divine!

    Kel x

  3. Anything you have to shift to open . . . go the pull out drawers, i LOVE drawers, i only want drawers in our kitchen, drawertastic!!
    I'm actually really into those barely-there blinds, as we'll be on a property so i don't need to shut anything out, other than light, but want them open as much as possible. For a feature, the good old flat Roman won't date & the stripes are bold & wonderful. Such eye catching features, the box seat is so dreamy. Love Posie

  4. Gorgeous. I love bay windows they add so much to a space. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

  5. I love Pinterest for inpiration, too!

    So nice to meet you through BYW.
    All the best,
    Mary C. Nasser Art Blog

  6. Oh go the window seat with the drawers - how fabulous!!!
    We're just painting our window seat in the living room white - its been stripped pine for 4 years while I decided. I've chosen some linen curtains (for warmth) with a subtle charcoal dandelion - hope they look good.
    I love the top shot :-)

  7. Hi... me again. Would you like to participate in my Fondness For Fall series? If you would email me @ and I will send you over a list of questions! xo

  8. I have some bay windows and have been thinking about this too. Mine are so narrow, though! I love the one with the striped roman shades.


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