Saturday, September 10, 2011

The week in review

I don't usually blog during the weekend, but thought I'd start a Saturday recap of what has happened each week.

- Most importantly - The GIVEAWAY, which is open until Thursday. You don't have to join anything or link anything and run around with your underpants on your head - just leave a comment. New things have been added since I took the photo.

- I signed up to the decor8 "Blogging Your Way" e-course. Would love to hear from anyone else who is participating?

- Sewing - I made Miss TikiBoo a nightie, started sewing some pretty liberty blouses for the shop, and some ladies skirts. Coming soon, stay tuned!

- I've interviewed a couple of lovely ladies about blogging, these will be featured on the blog soon.

- Mum and I had coffee at Riverbend Books in Bulimba yesterday, and happened to sit at a table next to an author who was signing his children's book I Grow in Grandad's Garden. As a coincidence, the book is set at their home, about 500 metres from our new place.

- Some of the packing has been done, but there is so much more to go. The removalists turn up in a week...yikes! I'd better get back to it.

What have you been up to the past week?

If you have stopped by, it would be lovely if you could leave a comment or just say hello so I know that you've been here. Thank you!


  1. Hello! Sounds like a lovely week x Susan W

  2. You've had an interesting week. Good luck with the E-course and with the rest of the move. Have a great weekend

  3. Sounds like a productive week. I've been sewing, photographing, writing listings (as usual!) thrown in with helping out at school and all the regular family activities. Your blog is always on my "read" list - we should all take time to comment more - so here I am!

  4. What a lovely week! Amongst drawing and work-y projects, I also caught up with my mum, gave myself a manicure and pedicure and gave some of my scatter cushion covers an overdue handwashing. All the best with your packing! What fun you're going to have settling in and arranging your new home.

  5. Hello Kathryn

    thanks lovely lady for a great week of entertaining posts.

    Hoping the packing is getting on the lighter end of the spectrum for you now too.

    the past week saw me being "nurse" / carer / nurturer quite a lot to my young children and my parents - it poses a question - which ones can be more time consuming.

    I am at the exhausted end of my week and need some good rest tomorrow - I hope you get some too :)

    take care and see you back on the blog next week


  6. Oh oh oh, i LOVE Bulimba, i always go there when i visit Brisbane, i'm a slave to Just Plain Gorgeous & that cute Green Glass shop which has that cute cafe at the side, next to the park. NOW i have another place to add, yahoo, love Posie

  7. Good luck with the move! Like PosiePatchWork, I'm a big Bulimba fan too... although I've not had the best experiences at the bookshop cafe. My favourite spot is the little sun trap Park Bench Espresso... best chai late in town as far as I know! Lovely to 'meet' another Brisbane blog!
    - Catherine @ The Spring

  8. What an interesting week. Would love to see a pic of Miss Tikiboo's nightie. The highlight of my week was being able to wash and comb my hair all by myself today. Yay.

  9. I am also doing the Blog Your Way e-course. Your blog already looks amazing, I look forward to seeing you on the course, I can't wait for it to start.


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