Monday, September 12, 2011

Here's to You, New York.

In around two months, we are heading to New York City. I can not wait. I have wanted to travel there since I was about 8 years old, and finally, I have my chance.

Although it is now September the 12th here, in the USA it is still the 11th.
This year makes the 10th anniversary of the twin tower bombings.
I'm sure every one of us remembers where we were and what we were doing when we heard. I was getting ready for work when it came on the radio. We flicked on the television and stood there transfixed, eventually arriving at work around 11am. No work was done that day, most of us crowded into the boardroom to watch over and over in horror.

In the words of one of the city's own, Art Garfunkel, "So here's to you, New York"

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  1. Amazing images of one very resiliant city. You'll have an amazing time in NY. 9/11 was simply awful, it still resonates in our family as my husband heads off to yet another war because of it. Visitors to NY can only help heel it more & more. Oh while you're there, better help the economy too & shop up a storm. Love Posie

  2. Everyone I know remembers where they were on that day 10 years ago. And now that it has been 10 years it seems like it were just yesterday that I was sitting at my school watching it all unfold on the news. Wondering if my family was working in NY that day or not. It changed us here in America forever. Even though I live a days drive from NY I still have never been and make it my goal to visit one day. The new memorial is stunning (in pictures) and takes my breath away.

  3. Well I'm jealous beyond words Kathryn, I've never visited New York but would love to one day.
    How very exciting for your family!

  4. green with envy. what a stunning city. i look forward to the day where i am writing the same post. i think i would be wetting my pants with excitement! these pictures are beautiful.

  5. There's nothing quite like it is there. I love that 30's/40's architecture, that's what sings New York to me!

  6. Beautiful collection of photos. Have a wonderful time in the US. I'm jealous too, I'd love to visit New day : ) Alison x

  7. Have a wonderful trip. I think we will always remember Sept 11. It's how we honour them by living that is important isn't it?

  8. Fabulous collection and such a tribute. I have been lump in throat most of the weekend watching all the memorials, thanks for sharing xx

  9. beautiful collections,9/11 always brings a tear to my eye and makes my heart so heavy when i still hear about it..enjoy your trip xox


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