Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nightie-nights or PJ girl?

At the risk of asking a "too personal" question, what do you wear to bed?!

I'm a pyjama girl from way back, but they can't be just any PJs, they pretty much need to be Peter Alexander. Or at least the bottom half does. Happy to match the pants to a K-mart top. In winter I wear the brushed cotton long pants (love the new wide leg style) and in winter It's the 3/4 length. I can't wear the button up tops, I wear either a t-shirt or singlet, depending on the temperature. I have a couple of summer nightdresses that I'll wear if it's super hot, but I find them a bit annoying.
Oh, and everything must be cotton! I can't stand satiny or synthetic fabrics at night, they make my skin crawl.

Miss TikiBoo, however, is currently obsessed with the nightie. Grandma made her one, and at her request, I made her another yesterday, when she pointed out a pink floral lawn fabric in my collection (of which she already has a blouse) and mentioned that it would make a pretty nightie. It's going to be perfect for our warm summer nights. And brunch on the verandah at the new house.

So, what's your preference?  Nightie, PJ's...or nothing at all?!

**Edited to add - I've been informed that today is Pyjama Day.  So, I have decided that for every response to the post question before Monday, I will donate $1 to The Pyjama Foundation.  One comment per poster will be counted**


  1. I'm a cotton, thin strap nighty, all year round kinda girl. Likewise I cannot bear synthetic fabric in bed.
    Actually I need new sleepwear so might check out PA. My daughter owns a pair of his cotton pj's and they are super soft.
    Miss TikiBoo's nighty is so sweet.

  2. definately a pj girl myself. I get mine from sussan mainly as find the cheaper ones just don't last. Chloe and Allissa are obsessed with nighties too I think it must be an age thing. I have a birthday coming up I may just have to check out PA.

  3. definitely pi's. love peter alexander. i even wear them around the house on the weekend if i am not going anywhere. my husband wishes i wore nothing to bed :)) he is always telling me how uncomfortable i look and how much better off i would be without them. sometimes i give in :) love the nightie you made. how sweet. my little girl is a nightie lover too.

  4. I prefer PJ's. We are visiting friends overnight on Saturday and I just got a nice pair of summery ones. Short sleeved top and three quarter pants

  5. I was just thinking about this the other day (or night)...I'm a pj's girl too, but I was thinking how nice it would be to have a really lovely nighty...or should it be called a negligee (oh no I don't like that word!!). But yes indeedy it would have to be cotton. Hmmmm, does that one your daughter have come in my size, I'd love to wear it on the deck for a leisurely summer brunch, it's gorgeous ; ) Alison x

  6. Hello Kathryn

    I love my PJ's - hate nighties.

    the only reason I hate nighties is they end up around my neck (I mean that in the nicest way :)

    so give me comfy - I love pretty prints and hate giant frogs or what ever's printed all over pj's.
    I love a bit of a frou frou look of french print or the cute little pink with black spots and then a black bow - you know that look.
    I've made a lot of things out of that look too.

    A great post with Pj's.

    (PS I love nothing more than a hard day and that shower you dream about and putting on clean fresh comfy Pj's)



  7. Too funny cos I composed a post in my head on this topic this morning. The Doc is away and when he's away I'm colder and so I put pjs on (PA if they're clean!). I remember having to go and buy pjs to wear to hospital for my first baby cos I had none :-)

  8. I have an affection for vintage nighties...from the thrift store. they're worn in really good and have all the old details you can't find anymore. if it's not one of those then it's PJs...with a cotton racerback tank top. :)

    love Miss TikiBoo's nightie...prefer it not be pink ;)~

    love you.

  9. Pj's but nothing is much more comfortable.

  10. I wear a white cotton nightie from French Country Collection. I have worn them for years now, but before I discovered them I wore t shirts.

  11. I'm a fence sitter and wear both! I have nighties from being in hospital with the kids, lovely long warm flannel ones that make me feel like a nanna, but are oh so comfy. And I have lots of flannel pants and t-shirt sets as well. I live in my jammies!

  12. peter alexander pj's alllll the way! love that fabric on the nightie. your comments as of late have been lovely, thank you. x


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