Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sleeping room

Inside our new house is also a "blank canvas". Creamy-white walls and polished floorboards throughout. At the moment I'm really quite clueless as to what I want to do. Hopefully when I see the house free of furniture it will be easier to picture.
One thing I am rather fond of is an opulent bedroom, although I'm not sure if that would suit the style of our home.

Here's some of my Pinterest master bedroom inspiration. I seem to be attracted to pale furniture, linens inshades of blue and grey, headboards and drapes.

What would your ideal bedroom look like?


  1. Bedrooms are so personal and I think whatever colours help one feel relaxed is ideal. My bedroom themes are usually fairly neutral as bright colours stimulate my senses and I can't sleep. Actually I recently bought a quilt cover with a touch of colour (nothing too extravagant mind you)and a pattern so that was a big leap of faith!

  2. I love em all, except for the loud turquoise. I guess I prefer the muted blues and browns

  3. I love all of these ideas actually. I really want to do up our room so I might just have to start up a bedroom board on Pinterest!

    Best wishes and happy Wednesday!

  4. Having this same dilemma over at Betsy's. We have a gorgeous king silky oak bed and bedsides but I am in dire need of a doona and pillow makeover. Plotting it all right now and just bought a new white cover with plans for the sewing machine for the rest. also liking that duck egg blue colour of your first pic too but we have art work to compliment as well. Wait until you are in the new room lying in bed and I'm sure the ideas will come. melx

  5. I love the 2nd one, the grey one. No wait I like the teal one. Oh I like all of them. I wish my bedroom could look anything near one of those photos.

  6. Oh wow...glad I stopped by... I'm in love with all of these pics, but especially the second one. Now that one I could spend all day in - sooo serene. Why would you get out of bed! : ) Good luck with the design of your new bedroom - what fun you will have. Alison x


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