Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Tea

We have a trip planned later in the year...and it's going to be rather chilly at our destination.
Given she spends most of the week in a school uniform, I didn't buy Miss TikiBoo many winter clothes this year. She has several pairs of jeans and lots of blouses and long tees, however, I'm not fond of jeans for travelling, they just don't have that comfort factor required for long haul travel.

One of my favourite brands is Daily Tea, so now that the trip is booked, I hopped on over to Where Did You Get That? to see what they had! These dresses are a good quality cotton knit fabric. They are comfortable enough for a long international flight - and still look good at the destination!

I bought size 7, as I doubt a 6 will fit her next winter, but the sleeves are currently far too long, so I may have to see if we can put some elastic on the ends.

Miss TikiBoo was very happy with her new haul!

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