Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toothfairy failings

Miss TikiBoo lost her second tooth at school yesterday. Thank goodness. The damn thing had been wiggly for a few weeks now, and sitting at a really weird angle.

She put it safely in her lunchbox, then when she got home we rinsed it off and she put it in her toothfairy envelope.

At around 11pm, just as we were about to turn off the lights and go to sleep, a small person appeared at the side of the bed, blearily rubbing her eyes. "The Toothfairy hasn't been yet!". Uh Oh. Lucky reminder. We sent her back to bed, but half an hour later she was still awake, and coughing. I convinced Daddy to take her downstairs and give her some cough medicine, while I quickly raced in to switch tooth for money, which of course we didn't have! The only gold coins in the house were located in Miss TikiBoo's piggy bank, so I had to raid that for a $2 coin.

When they came back upstairs, she wanted to snuggle in our bed for a little while, but we all fell asleep.

In the morning she happily collected her loot and their were gappy smiles, and relieved parents.

I have no idea what excuse we would've managed to come up with if she hadn't come in and reminded us! Any suggestions?


  1. i remember the tooth fairy forgetting when I was little and Mum explaining that the tooth fair mustn't have seen it. We ended up writing a big letter to the tooth fairy for the following night, telling her where the tooth was. The tooth fairy wrote a long apology letter back to me, in tiny writing and sprinkled glitter all over my room! Was even more special than the money! :)

  2. Jessi - that's a lovely idea, I'll have to file that one away, just in case!


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