Monday, July 25, 2011

The birds and the bees chat

aka - Why I'm glad I had a caesarian at a time like this!

For a very long time, Miss TikiBoo has said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Fantastic, great to have ambition and big dreams. She's had the occasional "actually, maybe I'll be a teacher" moments, mainly because she simply adores her wonderful Prep teacher.

We were sitting on the couch the other day and she mentioned it again, out of the blue, but elaborated a bit this time.

Miss TikiBoo: "I've decided I want to be a doctor in a hospital, not in an office".
Me: "That's great sweetheart. Do you want to perform operations on people?".
Miss TikiBoo: "Yes. I'll do operations and make people better".
Me: "Have you decided on your specialty yet?".
Miss TikiBoo: "Huh?"
Me: "Whether you want to fix broken legs, or operate on people's hearts, or eyes or brains!".
Miss TikiBoo: "Oh. Well, actually, I think I'd like to cut mummies open and take out their babies for them".
Me: "Wow, great! Then you want to be an Obstetrician, that's the doctor who does that".

Huh. So she thinks that all babies are born via a cut in their mother's stomach. Fabulous. When do I advise her that not all babies are born that way?! I'm sort of thinking that in the school holidays would be the better time, so she doesn't go to school and tell all her little friends how babies are born, just in case.
But what IS the right age? We've never had the question about "Where did I come from?" as she has seen my c-section scar and knows that's where the doctor, I mean Obstetrician, pulled her out, (this is the part where I mean I'm glad I had a caesar!), but she thinks that's how all babies are born.

So, there's my question. At what age should you tell your child about how babies are born?

And just because I always need a picture, a blurry photo of Miss TikiBoo in her doctor costume pre tonsilectomy, December 2009. She actually wore the outfit into surgery.


  1. Next time you do a farmstay you might want to see if they've got any animals about to give birth... you can move from that to "Some Mummies don't get a cut in their tummy..." and try to explain it that way.

  2. I waited until they were old enough to realize that babies are not brought by a stork and were really demanding the truth! You will know when it's right. xo


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