Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That thing I said about quilting...

About how it skips a generation?


Here is proof. I cut and sewed these squares a long time ago. As in, somewhere around 1990, I think. I was living out west, working as a governess, and living in a cottage off the main house with no TV, let alone a computer! The kids I was teaching wanted to make cushions, then I got a bit carried away cutting up a pile of scraps and making squares. This is as far as I got, and they have sat in a bag for the past 20 odd years. Maybe now I'll sew them together and make something, even though I'm not really fond of them and would have preferred something a bit more random.

Look! Liberty! Why on earth did I cut up Liberty for this? I think I'll unpick those and use them for something else.


These are the absolute rejects. WHAT was I thinking?


Especially this one. The paisley was a pair of shorts I had in year 11. Really.


Does anyone else have extreme unfinished projects like this, that have been sitting around for more than 20 years? Do you ever think you will get them finished?

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  1. Haha - makes me laugh - as I also have a bag of hexagon shapes that I was going to put together into a quilt. I spent ages tacking fabric to the hexagon shapes - some of them have been joined together - but most haven't.
    I have kept the bag for about 20 years aswell and can't bring myself to throw them out, even though I know that it is never ever going to be sewn into a quilt!!


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