Monday, May 2, 2011

{Mothers Day} You can never have too many...

Apparently, I am notoriously difficult to buy for. Me? Never!
There are certain things I swear I could never have too many of, things that will always make me happy. Striped tops. Lip Gloss. Scarves. Cookbooks. Nail polish. China tea cups. Pearls. Macarons. And notebooks! Just to name a few.

The old stand by in our house is usually Peter Alexander Pajamas, it's the "Oh my goodness it's Christmas/birthday/Mother's Day, yikes!" gift to race out and buy, knowing it will always be well received. Well, all gifts are appreciated, but it's nice to know that it's something the recipient really does want.

What would be on your "Never have to many of" list? If you blog it, add a link in the comments so I can see.


  1. Everything you said, plus T2 tea, anything from Kikki.K, purple bathtowels, camera equipment, silver rings, chocolate of all kinds, and Witchery clothes. I don't particularly like recieving DVDs and CDs, but that seems to be the standby gift for me :)

  2. Oh yes Donna! Kikki.K. Or Typo. I should've added 'notebooks' to the list.

  3. a perfect list!! ....although I would always add french perfume to any gift list.. ;)!!
    Hope you are well Kathryn, I am so thrilled that your business is going so well for you, you have worked very hard and you really deserve it!! Big hugs!
    Jen xoxo

  4. I also want everything you want. I think it's what every woman wants too.:-) Also books and magazines; I could never have enough of them.:-)


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