Monday, March 21, 2011

Big girl bedding

We recently moved out of our home, to a rental. It's just a temporary move until we find a house that we love, or at least has the potential to be something we love.

The place we are in is a brand new townhouse. A bit of a novelty for Miss TikiBoo, and for me to try and find places to fit all our "stuff". At the moment it's still a big adventure.

Grandma made a new quilt for her new bedroom. She needed something to counteract the white and beige, and now that she is a school girl, I thought she needed something a little nicer and not as garish as her doona cover. I've been saving these fabrics for this very purpose, it's one of my favourite collections. She made it reversible, pinks on one side and blues on the other. At this point in time I can't see the blue side getting much use!

Miss TikiBoo also pilfered my cushions for her "reading nook" as she calls it


  1. very sweet indeed! i wish i could make a quilt as amazing as that! pure talent! :)

  2. aww i love her bedding. SO pretty!!! Love those pillows!!

  3. I am totally in love with this. So very pretty and perfect for your little girl. Your mother is amazingly talented.

  4. What a beautiful quilt!
    Beth x

  5. What a lovely Grandma! The quilt is gorgeous and it is something your daughter will be able to use right into her teens.

  6. So lovely to 'meet' another Brisbane blogger! Thank you for saying Hi, Kathryn. Your blog and designs are gorgeous. I hope you're able to unpack your pretties very soon.

  7. Love this beautiful bedroom for your cherub. The quilt is just gorgeous and I think I would love it even on my bed! Naomi x


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