Thursday, May 5, 2011

I feel the need...

To get away from it all.

We sold the house. There is a little bit of money in the bank. Enough to just pack up and travel for a while, a year or two. Heart says "GO!" Head says "it's tempting". Husband says "don't be Ridiculous". Sigh.

Where would I go...what would I do? Buy a mustang and drive across America. Traipse around Europe, stay in a French village for a couple of months and live like locals. Go fruit picking. Work in a bar. Smile lots.

Here are just a few images I found on Pinterest of places I'd love to visit. Just a teeny, tiny glimpse as there are so many more!

Where would you go, if you had a year or two to take off and travel? Drive around Australia perhaps, or would you go overseas?





San Francisco...



Apologies - I have not correctly credited all these images. If you own one of these images and would like proper credit, please let me know!


  1. You have made me desperate for a holiday!!!

  2. Oh that's easy... France.... said she with wine in hand and French music playing. I've got it so bad. A-M xx

  3. It does sound so tempting, those pictures make it even more so.

  4. Wow amazing Photos! I was born in Prague and that picture of Charles Bridge is amazing!

  5. What wonderful images. I would love to take year or two out and travel but with hubbies career this is not going to be a reality! I will have to stick with shorter trips. But just let's pretend for a minute that I could take a year out and just travel, I think I would start in Turkey and work my way slowly across to Spain...then finish off in Morocco!


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