Friday, December 3, 2010

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

I wanted to keep things simple this year, well, as much as possible. No glittery baubles, no tinsel, no far so good!

The other day I found some beautiful porcelain star shaped decorations, and decided to have a go making something more child friendly.These were so quick and easy to make. They're not "perfect", but when you're making them with a nearly-five-year-old, it's the love that counts, right?

What you need:
Air drying clay. We used DAS.
Ribbon or string
Stamp (optional)
Cookie Cutters
Rolling pin
Airing rack
Fine sand paper

Cut off a section of clay. We worked with a quarter of a pack at a time.
Roll to desired thickness. Anywhere between 3-5mm is best, the thicker they are the longer it takes to dry.Use your cookie cutters to press out shapes. Don't forget to cut out a hole for hanging.

If you like, use a stamp on the front. We used a merry christmas. I did try using red ink, however, I didn't really like the effect.

Leave to dry, at least 24 hours but could be longer in wet weather.

Once they are totally dry you can sand the edges smooth. They can then be painted, drawn on with Sharpie markers, varnished or left plain.

Attach your ribbon and hang, or give as gifts. (We gave a star to each of the kindy teachers, I wrote Love Alexandra 2010 in sharpie on the back.)

Here's one we prepared earlier...

PS - I just discovered my friend Simone blogged similar earlier this week, you can check out her decorated ornaments over at Life as a Goff.

If you decide to make some, please blog and leave a link!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kathryn, these look great and easy to do, I agree great gifts for teachers. Will be trying these with my daughter...
    Merry Christmas

  2. What a great idea! I just might steal it for teachers gifts as well.

    Thanks Kathryn.

  3. We don't do tinsel either. Yep, nice idea Kathryn:) Jane:)


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