Friday, October 29, 2010

What's in a name?

This afternoon I ran a little competition on Facebook to name some new Liberty print hairclips. The idea was to list your child's name and their favourite colour, and I would randomly draw names to go with each clip, based on colour. Sorry to those who said red, I haven't made any red as yet - will get onto it! Some were actually a mix of colours, so those who said multi/all colours scored. Here are the final selections:

From left to right:


I then drew 3 of the names to receive "their" clip, those winners are:

Zara, Antonia and Lillie
. Could their Mums please contact me with an address!

Stay tuned, we have another giveaway TOMORROW!

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  1. Oh how fun! Congrats to the winners...I really need to get on this FB thing. I miss alot!


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