Monday, October 25, 2010

And the world still turns

It has been a while. A long while. So much has been happening:

- Trying to find a school we love for next year which means
- Putting our house on the market and
- Cleaning every corner and putting loads of clutter into storage and
- Spending too much time and money at Bunnings and
- Not enough time with friends and
- My camera is feeling lonely and
- I only rode my bike once this winter.

- After a lengthy delay our beautiful dresses are finally here and on the way to our lovely retailers (a post to come on that soon).

- I have been making some quirky little bits and pieces for my online store, again, that's another post alog with the promised wee competition.

- I'm off to Dubai and Paris in 10 days. By myself. Oh my goodness!!

- I'm gradually heading back to blonde.

- Miss TikiBoo is delightful and funny and a complete ratbag.

That's just some of the happenings around here recently!

What's happening in your world?

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