Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life with Training Wheels

Miss TikiBoo has outgrown her little bike and is at the stage where she needs a new one. I took her to look at bikes the other day. The ones she likes are the bigger size, with 20" inch wheels - and no training wheels. I explained this to her, and her response was "I'll learn to ride without training wheels then". So, the deal is, she gets the new bike when she can ride her little 12" bike without them.

I don't think I ever had a bike with training wheels. There are plenty of things in life which I do wish came with the option of training wheels. Wouldn't that be great, learn to master something with the "wheels" then take them off when you're confident enough on your own.
Like motherhood.
Some days are awesome, other days are such a challenge that I feel like I'm wobbling along, reading to tumble at any moment. And there isn't even the option of putting it away to try again later - if you stack it, you have to get right back on and keep peddling.

What do you wish came with training wheels?


  1. LIFE!!! I love this post. And she is just precious.

  2. Kathryn, that's so true!! Motherhood does totally feel like your wobbling along on training wheels! Definitely the most amazing thing I've done but also the toughest! You never know what's coming around the corner ...!


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