Monday, June 7, 2010

La Toriana

A few months ago, Elizabeth from La Toriana said she had a surprise for me...but I'd have to wait until the latest edition of Little One Baby magazine was released.
Elizabeth and her sweet daughter Tiana featured in a series of stories and interviews with four brave women sharing their tragic stories of loss.

In a beautifully touching article, Elizabeth tells the story of her journey to become a mother, and the loss of her twin baby girls due to prematurity, after medical issues in her pregnancy. I have read her story several times now and it never fails to make me cry.
La Toriana is a beautiful amalgamation of the names of her three daughters - Lara, Victoria and Tiana, and if you look closely at the La Toriana logo, you will see the three babies, two of them as angels.
Elizabeth tells more of her story on her blog, along with fashion tips, beautiful photography, recipes...and so much more.

The surprise for me was that adorable Tiana had selected her TikiBoo Kids skirt to wear for the photograph.

During the weekend, Elizabeth's Facebook profile and fansite were deleted, along with over 1500 fans, so we are trying to help her build the fanbase back. I'm sure you know what to do, visit her facebook page and click the "Like" button.

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  1. Tiana loves this skirt! its been an all time fav and think its going to be one of her childhood mempories... you know when you remeber "that" special whatever it was.

    Thanks TikiBoo for gorgeous creations.


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