Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello, September!

I forgot to do my "Just a minute..." post yesterday. So, here's to Spring, farewell August, take winter with you. (It has been the coldest winter in Brisbane for 10 years!).

Here's a summary of my August...

Watching... Body of Proof. It makes Monday nights easier. Vaguely still watching The Renovators.

Listening... to Tina Arena. I found some CDs while I was packing, that was the top one, so I packed while singing along to Tina belting out her greatest hits, while Miss TikiBoo dances around getting in my way!

Reading... Sophie's Choice. This is our current book club pick. I'm not finding it easy to get into, especially as I have an idea of what's to come, and "the choice". It's going to be harrowing.

Making... Miss TikiBoo's costume for the Book Week parade tomorrow. Included sewing and spraypainting. Photos to come...

Loving... The fact that today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

Completing... Packing...and more packing...

Planning... My garden, my house decor, all those fun things. Pinterest has been a great help!

Tell me about your August! The good, the bad and the ugly.


  1. I have never been so sick of winter as this year in Brisbane. Its been a shocker. Bring on Spring!

  2. I love Pinterest too.... so much fun!! xo

  3. Gorgeous image for spring. Have a lovely spring day xx

  4. Yay for Spring, embracing every second of it so far. I wrapped up Winter with stress & exhaustion, so i'm cruising into Spring with a whole new attitude to battle on the rest of the year, well next 2 years with my husband away. Love Poise

  5. BEAUTIFUL - that flower is soooo beautiful and the first day of spring was beautiful here in Brissy today!!

  6. I attempted Sophie's Choice many years ago Kathryn but didn't last the distance. My August has been more unpacking, fine-tuning this house and settling in.
    Best of luck with the move, are you super excited!


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