Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boxes of goodies

We had another successful trip to the antique auctions on Monday night. I picked up a lovely chair, a nest of tables, a rug and a box of china. I'll show you the other things in another post, but I managed to find the camera cord today and took a few photos of my box of goodies!

I have been collecting old china on and off for around 10 years, particularly cup and saucer sets. The majority I have are in shades of pink, of course.

I'm pretty happy with this haul - $15 for the lot!

These are the teacups. No fancy brands, but sweet and pretty. We will probably use these regularly as they aren't 3 piece sets, so I won't be too bothered if little hands break them.

I'm not so fond of this 1950's dinner set. It's not really my taste at all, so I'll have to find a new home for it with a fan of the retro. We're planning a garage sale so this one might be boxed up until then.

This gorgeous Tuscan plate and saucer were the main reason I bid on the box, and they are in the display cupboard. Sadly no matching teacup, although there was a plain white with gold rim that will do nicely until I manage to find one.

I spend several hours disinfecting, then washing them. A few were still stained so I gave them a good polish with bicarb. Next time I must remember to wear gloves as my hands are horribly dry and rough tonight!

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  1. Gorgeous. Just love your purchases. I have recently been collecting china as we cleaned out my mother and aunt's houses. I think it is so nice to drink out of. You feel really special with a teapot with proper leaf tea and gorgeous china cups. Lovely !

  2. How cute are your new tea cups and saucers. And I didn't know bi-carb was good for polishing china! xx

  3. Hi Kathryn

    I love it - love the collection of tea cups - I am such a tea cuppy kind of girl!

    well done and don't you just love a good bargain hunt - it is thrilling when you get what you want and it was so cheap too.

    have a great day



  4. I'm not a collector but I do love pretty teacups and have some given to me from my grandmother :) I agree with you about the 50's set too lol!

  5. what lovely finds; you have an excellent eye! I especially like the rosy cups. very glad to have found your blog :)


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