Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just a minute in... JULY

Over the past few weeks I've been cleaning up my blogger following list. Apparently you can only follow 300 blogs, so I've been deleting those I'm no longer interested in, and finding some new blogs to follow. While bopping around from blog to blog, I found this meme over at Kitty Litter and thought I'd join in.

Watching... The Renovators. I swore I wouldn't get sucked into another nightly reality show, but I'm enjoying this one. Possibly because I'm so desperate to find a house of my own!

Listening... to Simon and Garfunkel. Yes, I'm such a musical dag. S'n'G. Neil Diamond. Barbra Streisand. Love them all. Current number one played song on my iTunes is "Heart in New York".

Reading... Michael Connelly's latest - The Fifth Witness. I'm a bit of a sucker for a police/law thriller type of novel, and Connelly never fails to deliver. Also on the night stand is the Frommers guide to NYC.

Making... Pretty clothes out of pretty fabric. Hoping to get a small summer range in store soon. Lots of lovely Liberty.

Loving... The weather here in Brisbane right now. Crisp, yet sunny. Perfect for getting the washing dry.

Completing... Listing a bunch of stuff on ebay and getting rid of it! A pile of too big clothes, a few handbags, a ski jacket circa 1998. Gone! I wish we didn't have so much stuff in storage, or I'd be listing that too...I'm on a roll here folks!

Planning... the rest of my life! What to do...what to do? This or that? Study or get a job?

Anyway...if you have a really fabulous blog, and you're generous with your comments (there are a lot of people right now getting miffed about the lack of commenting be a sport and leave your mark when you read a blog, ok?) then feel free to drop me a line and I'll see if I can fit you into my 300!


  1. I was wondering what the limit on blog following was - you've definitely got a big list!!!
    Hoping I might fit into your 300..... if you find space :)

    I've noticed the lack of comments lately too, you think it's just a really busy time for every one?
    Or are we all just not that interesting any more??!!!

  2. It sounds like you and I have a bit in common - Michael Connelly and Simon and Garfunkle for a start.
    I saw your comment on Thea's blog and decided to come and visit and say Hi. It occurs to me that I might have found you if I hadn't read your comment. Commenting on blogs is not just a great way to encourage the writers, but it is also a trail of breadcrumbs for other bloggers to follow to reach your door as well.
    Anyhow, I'm glad I found you and in the immortal words of Arnie 'I'll be back'

  3. I've been taking the time to comment on blogs again too. I got very lazy just skimming posts in google reader and not heading over to the actual blogs.

    I've been watching The Renovators in the afternoons when they do the repeats. I've done too many renovations myself to miss doing it myself EVER again, lol!

  4. Hiya! Oh I know how you feel about getting sucked into reality tv kiddos and I are hooked on Masterchef and, like you, I am trying (and failing) to resist watching The Renovators!
    Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list during you blog-hop too, I really appreciate it :)
    Cas x

  5. Thankyou for taking the time to comment on my blog. I intend to get better at doing it myself. x


Thank you for taking the time to comment, you just made me smile!

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