Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's scary up here...

It's hard to fathom what's happening here in Brisbane right now. A week ago we were complaining about the rain, wondering how we would amuse the kids and get our washing dry. Today we wait for news from friends and family to make sure they are safe, and wonder who will lose everything.
Looking at images and news footage is surreal, less than two weeks ago we were at Southbank on New Years Eve, the restaurant at Eagle Street pier where we ate dinner is completely under water. The pontoon where we caught the ferry is now gone. Where we stood to watch the fireworks, again, underwater.
Please stay safe and hold your loved ones tight.


  1. As we watch from afar your in our thoughts xx

  2. oh big hugs to you up there. We are all thinking of you and can't believe this is happening.

    take care


  3. sending you love and my thoughts. I hope that all your family and friends are safe.

    take care x


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