Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some places really, well...

Airports. Airports would have to be one of the places I dislike the most. They are typically a hefty cab fare to reach, then once you arrive you stand in queues, pay inflated prices for undrinkable beverages and daren't touch the food.
It's such a shame, you have a wonderful trip away somewhere, only to end it at one of these awful places.
CDG airport, probably one of the worst. My flight was delayed an hour. It cost me 60euro to get here, and I could only get 10 minutes of free wifi. The few shops they have were mainly closed. I managed to get a cup of tea and a packet of chips.
Brisbane international is not much better. Worst coffee in the universe, and no free wifi. Seriously people, provide free Internet access, this is 2010.
However, the airport in Dubai is actually really good. Free wifi, decent coffee...I've need sitting in this cafe for over an hour now and they seem fine with that. It's fresh, clean and modern. They have really tried to make it a pleasant place to be stuck in for a few hours. Top marks!

Any airport experiences you'd like to share? Good and bad.

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  1. Singapore airport is lovely, I will quite happily transfer there and have done with a 6hr layover several times. I hate Heathrow and now avoid any flights going through it, will be trying Munich and Frankfurt for the first time this year, we will see...


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