Friday, June 18, 2010

It may be a little chilly...

It's getting pretty chilly, even here in Brisbane! Given our rather mild climate, we don't tend to pack away our summer clothing, just in case a warm day happens to come along. Even if it doesn't, I'm a big fan of layering and putting summer dresses or pretty blouses over jeans and a long sleeved top or skivvy.

Miss Boo is a big fan of the over-dress look. Winter clothes tend to not be quite as pretty or flowery, so this way she gets to be warm as well as pink!

For those on a budget, this style also has benefits. Many summer dresses tend to be a roomy fit, so while they may end up being a little too short, often they will still fit in the top area. This Samba Blush dress is a size Small - designed to fit a 2/3 year old girl. Miss Boo typically wears size 5, so this type of dress would give you a few years of wearing - all year round! Starting as a dress alone in summer, then over jeans or leggings in winter - then the following summer, once your little one gets taller, it becomes a top to be worn over capri pants or shorts.

There are only a handful of Samba dresses still available, this pink Samba Blush is available exclusively at Georgia's Garden. There are also other designs at our current retailers.

These stunning images were taken by Love Bytes, check out the web site and blog for more of Tan's gorgeous images!


  1. Looks great! Its such a fab way to get extra use out of pretty summer clothes.

  2. Love the look, why wait till summer to wear these gorgeous dresses???

  3. I love these pillow case dresses, I have made them for my nieces and they wear them the same way, over jeans and with skivvys underneath! Your photos are gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Kathryn, so glad you like the pics that we shot together!



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