Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{Blog This} Challenge 49 - History

Challenge 49 for Blog This
What were you doing 5, 10, 15, 20 etc years ago. 2005. 2000. 1995. 1990. 1985. 1980. 1975... Just go back as far as you can, we have a wide range of ages in our contributors!

Words, pictures or both, whatever you please.

I don't have much to say today. I'm not great with dates and remembering what happened when, so I'm telling this story mainly in photos.

2005 - 33 years old
Got married, and pregnant. Big year for me!

2000 - 28 years old
My beautiful cousin stayed for a few weeks. probably the highlight of this year.

1995 - 23 years old
Can't find a photo of me, so here's my beautiful Molly girl xx

1990 - 18 years old
This is actually early '91. Living out west as a governess. Obligatory chambray shirt and webbed belt.

1985 - I don't have a photo even remotely close to this year. I was 13, which probably explains it.

1980 - 8 years old
First day of brownies.

1975 - 3 years old
Now you see why I take care to dress my daughter in nice clothes. Brown skivvy and ugly flares. Noice.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the webbed belt and chambray shirt, I had those as well! The brownie photo, just beautiful.

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    Loved seeing those pics. Makes me think of my own childhood. Fab in the 80's weren't we? LOL


  3. Hey, don't knock the brown skivvy and flares, I wore that as a kid in the early 80s!!! But sometimes i matched the brown skivvy with my very noice pink terry shorts!!!
    I enjoyed your picture post:)

  4. Great photos! I too love the skivvy and flares ... every kid in the 80s had that. I had a blue skivvy and I did the brown cord flares ... hmmmm...!


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