Wednesday, December 16, 2009

{Giveaway} For those who don't sew!

Hooray! We got to 150 followers! Thank you so much, and a big Hello! to all our new folks. We didn't quite get there by Monday morning, so I'll save the lucky dip prize for another day.

I've had a couple of people email me to say they'd love to enter the giveway, however they don't sew! Well, I'm updating the giveaway, to make part two an option.

If we get another 25 followers, along with the pretty Little Patchwork book and fabric squares from part one, you get either a choice of either fabric OR an item of TikiBoo Kids summer clothing! Either shorts for a boy or skirt for a girl. How does that sound?

So, now you just need to help us get to the next magic number - 175! Please spread the word about our GIVEAWAY!

Kathryn xx

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  1. Lovely to find you! The joy of twitter is discovering beautiful treasures such as yourself.
    Off to spread the word :)


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