Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Wish List

Blog This Challenge Number 8: Shopaholic

Bought something fabulous lately? Wanna share? Wanna brag? Blog some pictures, write a sonnet about it, tell the story about how you got it in the house without your husband noticing. What made you buy it? Have you been secretly coveting it for a while? Or are you an impulse shopper. And of course, now you have it, was it worth it??

This was surprisingly difficult, for someone who love to shop and even has a blog devoted to shopping! I just haven't had timeto shop recently. Not for me, not for Alexandra. The last thing I bought was "Lucy", see previous post, so I can't blog about that. Maybe I can share with you the thing I will be buying once I have time (ie: after the Mathilda's Market next Sunday!).

The Bike.

Oh yes, it will be mine. I just have to find time to get to the bike store. I am envisioning beautiful spring Sunday afternoon rides with the family. Cycling and singing. Stopping for picnics. Lover-ly.


  1. bought it, or just dreaming of buying it... same thing, really? :-)
    This little bike makes me think of lazy afternoons, bike-riding, with not a care in the world... sounds lovely!
    Bec xx

  2. Oh my! That is gorgeous. I can see a lovely little basket on the front with flowers and a fresh bread sticking out. xx

  3. Oh noooooo, this bike is seriously too cute for words! I must try to resist...

  4. that is indeed a dream bike!
    WOW, you need to take some pics to show us when you buy this gorgeous means of transportation.
    I ♥

  5. I have ALWAYS fancied one of those.....!!! Jenny x

  6. Love the bike! I can reccomend 99 Bikes for a good deal :)

  7. I bought a bike like this but sky blue.. 2 days later I found out I was pregnant and hubby wouldn't let my ride it lol.


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