Thursday, July 9, 2009

Introducing Lucy

We have a new friend, Alexandra has named her Lucy. She's our new model and she always stands still. Unfortunately she doesn't smile or look particularly cute!
Lucy will be coming to Mathilda's Market with us next weekend. She will stand around all day in a pretty dress and won't complain.

What do you think of her?


  1. Very cute :) and I love the dress. You always use such gorgeous fabrics Kathryn

  2. I think she is lovely but hey where did you get your bunting??? Ahermmmmmmm... not from me???!!!! Tut tut!

    (only kidding honey!)


  3. Hi Lucy, my that's a pretty dress you are wearing and what a good girl you are to stand still all day and not complain.

  4. Very pretty and the dress is gorgeous.


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