Friday, July 31, 2009

The perfect day

Do not attempt to try this recipe before 10am!

Ingredients, Base

1 happy, well behaved child
1 cheerful husband
1 vehicle

Take husband and child, place in shower and wash. Dress child and instruct husband to dress himself. Take husband and child and place in vehicle, along with oneself. Drive to New Farm. Find café and eat delicious breakfast and drink much coffee. Mix in a dash of browsing the local shops. Return to car and drive home.

Ingredients, Filling

1 happy, well behaved child
1 cheerful husband
1 swing
50 metres of fabric
1 Camera
3 bikes

Place husband and child in backyard with swing and mix well. Take fabric and play with it for at least two hours. Return outside to husband and child, use camera to take photos. At this point you may wish to throw in a little extra coffee, and a vegemite roll will ensure child remains happy. After a small rest, place husband, child and self on bikes and ride around for approximately one hour. Sit to rest for a few moments, eat strawberries. Resume riding.
If child starts to look not so happy, you know you are ready to return home and consume cake. Again, rest for a short time.

Ingredients, Topping

1 or 2 grandparents
1 cheerful husband
1 sleepy child
1 vehicle
2 lovely meals
1 nice bottle of red
Interesting conversation
Optional - Friends

Place child in car for 5 minutes and drive to grandparents house. Leave child to sleep until morning. Add husband to vehicle and drive to restaurant and mix lovely meals with nice bottle of wine and interesting conversation. Adding friends to the mixture at this point is optional, though can enhance the mixture. You will need to add extra wine and meals if friends are added.


  1. love it! beautiful pictures too xx

  2. Kathryn, I think your topping is my alternate Perfect Day! Your photos are sumptuous :)


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