Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tree time, already?!

Still playing around with some iPad editing tools, I thought I'd share some photos of our tree and decorations.
Traditionally, we don't put the tree up until December 1st, but as we will be away, then crazy busy for the first week and weekend (ballet concert - yikes!) I made the executive decision that it should go up now.
We went out on Friday evening and bought a new bigger tree, given we have the space now, it felt like the right thing to do!

When do you put your tree up?  Do you wait until December, or as soon as the kids start asking?

What about decorating?  Do you have the same each year or change things?
We pick a new colour theme each year.  This year is Red, Gold & Aqua.  I wanted Red, Gold and Green but was out voted.  No Karma Chameleon here!  There are also some special decorations, each year since Miss TikiBoo was born I have bought something "precious", a Wedgewood or Royal Doulton type ornament.  These will be her special heirlooms.

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  1. Hi Kathryn

    that is a gorgeous tree and you do everything so well :)

    Hmmm... tree.... Mine is last minute - last year I purchased a huge tree and new fairy lights - I must say it was beautiful.

    This year I have some letter decorations to make of all our initials for the tree - lots of glitter is going to be spread (oh great!)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. The tree looks lovely Kathryn. We don't usually decorate as there is just the two of us. We are having minimal decorations this year as we are having family here. However we have to be very careful with our little Paddy bird - knowing well he will be terrified of any bright coloured baubles that suddenly spring up in the living room

  3. We usually put up our tree the weekend before 1st December. I like to change colour themes from time to time. The kids love to help put the decorations on the tree and I discretely move them around over the next week to get it looking the way I like it - naughty I know.
    Cheers Kylie

  4. I did put my tree up last weekend too! My hubby asked me to wait until 1st of Dec but I couldn't resist!

  5. Yes usually Dec 1st for us also, I refuse to get caught up in it all before then, prefer to enjoy and make most of November rather than focus on Christmas. It would be nice to enjoy your tree before you go away though ( I love your idea of special ornaments). I think your tree is the first tree of many that I will see over the next couple of weeks! Do love the excitment building feeling.x

  6. That's a beautiful tree. We don't put ours up until 1st December and then it comes down 1st January. All our decorations are either white or gold with a few special ones thrown in that have meaning for our family. x

  7. I can't wait to decorate my tree. It's my first Christmas at home since I got my own place and I'm dying to decorate it! I've been trying to restrain myself until December 1st though :) but yours looks gorgeous.

  8. oh lovely tree! i am putting ours up this weekend. i figure we may as well make the most of it. our tree last year was red & gold. i think i would like lots of shimmering pink this time round. i know penny would love it and she is a little older this year to appreciate it more. xo.

  9. I wanted to put ours up over the weekend, but my Husband said no, then he said yes and I decided to wait. We might do it this weekend. I have presents ready to wrap and out underneath it!
    We change our colours often, not every year but every couple of years. I tend to get taken with a particular wrapping paper and go from there. This year we bought a Black Tree and are using Gold decorations. I am very apprehensive! But it should be beautiful.

  10. The tree looks amazing. I am everything Christmas. I have always been under the assumption that the Christmas Tree should go up on the 1st December and not taken down before the 31st. Otherwise the Christmas Reaper would visit. I cannot tell you why or how I have followed this timetable but for an awful long time. It has always been a push to get the dash thing up usually I am still tweeking when I am trying to take it down. So this year as I have noticed today the Shops are already decorated I think I will make an early start. Stay turned I will let you know if there are any adverse reactions. Love your blog and to ensure I visit I have followed. Hope to see you over at my place soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. Lovely tree! I've started playing Christmas music even though I'm the only on who wants to hear it at the moment ;-)

    My sister has four table-top trees which she decorates in different themes. I've been thinking about making the ornaments one year. Gingerbread men, popcorn strings, various home made items. I'm torn though because I do like sparkle!

  12. Your tree looks great! I'm interested in the fact that I've changed so many of my family's holiday traditions. Just little tweaks, but still. When I was a kid, we used to get our tree right before Christmas, now I like to have it early, like the first weekend in December. And don't tell my son, but when I was growing up, we used to open presents on Christmas Eve. Now we wait until morning!

  13. We usually put ours up the weekend after Thanksgiving. One year I took it down the day after Christmas, and my husband informed me that it should stay up until New Year's Day!

  14. Hi Kathryn,

    Gorgeous tree. We have to wait to move house before we put up our tree. I can hardly wait. I used to do colour themes but the last couple of years we have gone for an every colour under the rainbow theme :) The girls think this is fantastic so we will stick to that for awhile.

    Kel x

  15. Oh your tree looks wonderful we keep the same decorations each year and add to them the first of December for us too. We make a night of it with Christmas music love everything about Christmas. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow my friend.

    Always Wendy


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