Thursday, November 17, 2011

Packing - my top tips

People have been asking me for days, "are you ready for your trip?". Yes. I'm rather obsessive when it comes to packing, and tend to start weeks before it's time to go. I don't like to overpack, but then there is the fear of forgetting something essential, although that's not likely to be an issue when travelling to the States!

These are some of the little things I've learnt - especially when it's likely you'll be shopping!

1. Suitcase within a suitcase.
We have a large case which will easily hold a regular suitcase, so I pack the regular, then put it inside the large. There are 3 of us travelling, so it's no hassle to be taking 3 cases home, and perfect if you intend to shop! I've packed the hats and gloves around the sides.

2. An extra carry on bag, and a spacebag.
I bought this super light travel bag in Paris last year. It holds loads and is carry on compatible. It will be going in the suitcase as a "just in case". I'm also taking a spacebag to use with our coats on the way home. It's a roll up type as we may not have access to a vacuum.

3. Guide books.
These are a must for me! As is the little New York Moleskine. I've also loaded everything imaginable onto the iPad and iPhone, including tickets, itineraries etc. Dropbox is a really great application for this, you can drag any document from your computer to it.

4. Comfortable footwear!
I've had these boots for a few years now, and they are super comfortable. In a pinch they go with almost everything too. I tend to stick with black for travelling to make it easier as well.
Another tip - get extra soles put on before you go!

5. Snacks and water.
How cool is this Vapur drink bottle! When it's filled it stands up. When it's empty you can roll it up and stash in your bag. I also always take extra snacks on the plane, just in case I'm not liking what they're offering.

These are just a few of my tips, do you have any brilliant extras to add?

What sort of packer are you - last minute or weeks in advance?

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  1. I think I'm a great packer, having travelled a lot as a family of 5 with me doing most of the packing.
    I'm always interested to hear if people prefer to fold or roll their clothes? I'm a 'roller' as I find I can fit more in my suitcase and things don't get as crushed.
    Do you fold or roll?

  2. I pack weeks in advance - and then repack, and repack and repack.See I always find myself suddenly thinking 'Now did I put that in or not?' And, of course, THAT always has to be right at the bottom of the suitcase so I have to pull everything to see if it's in there. I always end up taking way too much. I guess I'm a packing disaster.

  3. If you don't have a dropbox or other cloud type of account, email important documents to yourself so you can access them on any computer if you really need to.

  4. it depends on where i am going and how long for. usually a day or two before. how exciting for you!! xo.

  5. Best tips I have ever seen, love the suitcase inside suitcase thing. When we went to Melbourne recently and i bought up all of warragul's vintage sheets we had to buy a zip up from the $2 shop to get it all home. melx

  6. I don't mind packing it's the unpacking I'm not a fan of! ;) xx

  7. Brilliant ideas! We're heading abroad in about a year, and it's been awhile since I packed for a big trip, so I'll come back to this post!

  8. Oh you are a packer from way back! The suitcase inside the suitcase is genius.. stealing that idea for sure.... and the comfy boots... I can so relate to that tip! So exciting for you. A-M xx

  9. So it appears that you are DEFINITELY ready for your trip! No matter where I am going or how long/short the trip is, I'm a list packer. I make the list in advance and then pack one or two days before. This way I don't have to think as I am packing.

  10. I'm so impressed! I pack about thirty minutes before I leave and then wonder why I need to buy a tooth brush at my destination!

  11. Great timing to read this. We are heading off soon and the looming 'packing cloud' is hovering overhead. This list was a comforting reminder that it will all be ok if I am organised. Have a wonderful trip x

  12. I'm definetly a last minute person. I'm still throwing stuff in to a carrier bag when the kids are all strapped into the car!

  13. hope you have an amazing trip! Teri

  14. Have a fantastic trip! Will be excited to live vicariously through your adventures xxx

  15. I think I am good at packing. I have list and list and list. Have a great trip. Enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  16. i never thought of the suitcase in a suitcase. How clever :)
    have a great trip
    xo sandra

  17. Oh yes, i start packing a week out, for 6 people i go minimal, as in extreme. I married an infantry soldier & while he does all the checking in & counter stuff, i carry the luggage & the 4 children. Trust me, i'm the relaxed one, most suitable to be with the children, he stresses about everything i planned not working out, so is always shocked when flights, transfers & hotels are in order.
    We love customs, yet i look like woman-most-likely-to-be-smuggling something & get taken aside, geesh!! The customs guys love looking at our children's passports as so often wherever we go, no one has heard of Darwin or they have & they sasy 'oh, crocodiles' much to our children's delight.
    We travel with one bag inside another bag, that's it, completely manageable & everyone wears a jacket or cardigan, depending on hot or cold destinations.
    You take snacks?? I LOVE airline food, mmmm, ditto the children. I'm the one who has to ask for an extra meal for my husband, he's too embarrassed to ask. Honestly, if it's a long haul, the flight attendents cotton on & just hand him two after a few meals have been served.
    Happiest of travels, love America, i have a niece in NY for Christmas, lucky girl, 21 with the world at her feet. Love Posie

  18. I'll be traveling overseas with the whole family in a couple of months. I think you need to come over and pack for me - I always want to take everything :)

  19. Thanks for showing the pick of the suitcase inside a suitcase, we are doing this too. We have got those drink bottles, probably would never have thought to take them with me - thanks for that!


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