Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walk a mile...

The August Break, Day 2.

In my Shoes

Recently, a couple of different friends have mentioned they were thinking of buying a pair of converse shoes, but wondered if they were too old to wear them. The thought had never crossed my mind!
I bought my first pair when I was 16. Red chuck taylor high tops. I wore them with everything. Jeans, shorts, even a white lacy dress. I'm not sure what happened to them, living in the tropics at the time they probably went mouldy.

Many years later I bought another pair. This is going to sound particularly ridiculous, but I bought a pair of pink baby cons and decided to get a matching pair for myself. My baby outgrew hers but I still have mine. I now own 4 pairs and wear them frequently...but not with lacy white dresses!

Is there an age limit on converse sneakers? I imagine I'll still be wearing mine when I'm 60!

What are your favourite shoes...are you a Louboutin heels type of girl or more of a Hush Puppy?


  1. I don't think there is a limit on converse. When we went to Paris a few years back I saw converse on woman of all ages. They were so popular! xo

  2. That's true Debbie. I actually bought the grey ones in Marsailles, although I seldom wear those.

  3. I'm glad you say there is no age limit on converses because I've been thinking of buying myself a pair for a while.
    Converses, Doc Martins and Kickers were foot staples when I lived in France.

  4. No age limit at all. I think I will wear chucks forever.
    Hope your having a wonderful day!
    Much Love,

  5. I've never owned any and now I want some!!!
    I have teeny tiny feet so I often have to buy kids shoes...totally embarrassing, I know!
    So I get whatever fits...oh, and I like comfy. I LOVE heels, but never wear them anymore.

  6. I'm probably more a Hush Puppy person. I haven't worn heels for many years and I've never worn Converse sneakers, although they look pretty cool.

  7. Those who are considering them - they are so comfortable! I prefer the low tops as they are easier to kick off.

  8. I am and will always be a flip flop gal.

  9. No age limit! I would love to own a pair (matter of fact, why don't I own a pair? lol)
    want to follow each other?


  10. btw, I hope you are enjoying your August break ;) I'm not doing it, but I love to see the photos!



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