Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinterest Party

Catching up on my blog reading this evening I came across this! A Pinterest Party over at Down that Little Lane. Why not!

Here's a few of my favourite images for this week. I've taken these from my pinboard entitled "Just Pretty".

To join in, head over to Down that Little Lane.

To see more of my pins, check out my Pinterest Page.


  1. Oh these are simply beautiful .... Thanks for joining in....can't wait to see what you have from week to week xx

  2. these images are beautiful kathryn. i am especially loving the heart and book ones. thankyou also for stopping by.

  3. Oooo - love these! Especially the poppies and the stack of books on the quilt!

  4. Beautiful, Beautiful images!!

  5. I love the Daisies in the bicycle basket

  6. I love your choices - especially the last's so dreamy and magical! It was so hard just to stop at a few wasn't it! Lovely to have discovered you via the 'party'. Alison x

  7. oooh - I love all of these - off to check your pinterest page


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