Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I love my tape gun

While I am really starting to enjoying getting back into regular blogging, I may not be around that often over the next couple of weeks. There are boxes to be packed and a million things to be organised.

Moving isn't much fun, but the end result will be worth the hassle!

I can't wait!

Still not sure how Samson, the cat, will cope. He's been an indoor cat his entire life, however the new place has no screens or way to keep him contained, other than leaving all the windows and doors closed. It could be time for him to learn about the big wide world, or maybe a cat enclosure. Undecided at this point. Any suggestions?


  1. kitties are resilient and can get out of many "sticky" situations. I had an indoor-cat-turned-outdoor-cat and she loved it. I would watch her run across the backyard from the kitchen window...then watch another cat chasing her 2 seconds later. Samson will love it...and love you! you just have to learn to let go :)

  2. Oh I love a tape gun too! I don't need one right now, but as soon as I do I'm off to get myself one! I used to have a lot of fun at work with one of those!
    Good luck with the move!

  3. hello Kathryn

    just keep the wine cork screw out or the champagne saver and a few drinking glasses - you may need them.

    I hope all goes well with moving - I shudder at the thought for me with what is in my cupboards here - good grief.

    I have a (purebred) cat that goes out through the day and comes back and is locked in at night. She doesn't stray far anyway through the day and I often find her curled up asleep on my outdoor furniture.

    you may find if there are close by cats and dog in your new area - the pussy won't go far for a while. the territory will have been set by the others - just watch for fights though - you don't want a vet's bill.

    take care


  4. Daisy, Roo and Two - we have two which we've borrowed. Best thing ever and saves ruining several pairs of scissors and your fingernails trying to find the edge of the tape each time!

    Thanks for the cat advice, Crystal & LouLou. I'm sure he'll be fine after a while.


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