Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday evening gratitude

~ Everyone who made it possible for us to get our lovely new home. Our agent, the bank, and of course, my husband.

~ The new people I have encountered this week in blogland. I've been following more and commenting more, and have discovered some lovely new blogs and lovely ladies.

~ My parents and Miss TikiBoo's Friday night sleepover ritual. It means a Saturday sleep in for me, and she loves her Grandparents so much.

~ My girlfriends and our monthly dinner catchup. See you tomorrow night lovelies!

What are you grateful for? Link up at Maxabella Loves.


  1. Congrats on the new house!! You have some wonderful things to be grateful for.

    Today I'm grateful for a warm bed and cuddles with my man and fur baby :)

  2. Ooh congratulations on the new house. How exciting. And yes grateful for blogging, bloggers and blogs - me too. I love finding new blogs, just like yours x

  3. Yay, i'm a new follower & you of me, thanks to A-M, she lead me to you & your adorable new home. I rather love Brisbane, my husband loves there & i can visit him every school holidays, or atleast his bachelor pad, which the children love!! Love Posie

  4. I have to many to list. But most of all, I am grateful to be able to get out of bed each day and enjoy life.

  5. Great news on the new home! And i like the idea of the children sleeping over at the grandparents. That idea has yet to catch on over here ;)

  6. Great things to be grateful for!! Congrats on your new home, and I hope you enjoyed your sleep in this morning!

  7. How wonderful to be in a new home with all the possibilites that conjures up. Best wishes settling in.

    Wow, I love the way your blog looks too. x


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