Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheering up Miss TikiBoo

Sometimes it's just the little things.

Miss TikiBoo wasn't feeling so great when I picked her up from school yesterday. She was grumpy. And whiney. She wanted this and that and to get something from the shop and to cry and whinge. I dragged her sobbing to the car, explaining that I had something for her at home.
Even though it was overcast and threatening to rain, I asked her to put out the picnic rug on our patch of grass, then I presented her with the sweet little teapot I found at our local antique store. Happy smiles, finally. She does love her cups of tea - basically a cup of milk with a dash of tea, but special to her and makes her feel grown up.
Tea always tastes better from a pot (even when it's just a squeeze of a teabag!).

Oh, and the Liberty print top she's wearing is a sneaky peek of our summer collection.


  1. It IS just the little things. So glad you could have a special moment with your GORGEOUS girl. A perfect day! A-M xx

  2. Hello Kathryn

    thank you for coming by by blog to say hello and it has made me find my way to you - wonderful!

    A women after my own heart - tea parties! I love them and to share with a little poppet is the best too.

    have a lovely day


  3. what a lovely idea and the picnic blanket is so pretty! hope she is feeling better soon.


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