Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Temporary solutions

We are "between houses" at the moment. We sold our house in December, moved into a rental in March, but still haven't found anything we even slightly like. Not even something that we could compromise on. Any houses which have had even the slightest potential have had some major insurmountable fault, like backing onto an industrial site or located on a busy main road or were flooded in the January floods (not that we are anticipating a repeat flood, just major concerns about obtaining insurance).

The only house we've almost like had been recently renovated. Renovations so horrible and 'not in keeping' with a queenslander, that we would have to rip them out and start again. Which we would be happy to do, if the asking price wasn't that of a newly renovated home!

So, we're stuck in limbo. With 30% of our belongs in storage. Now that I'm starting to get back into my sewing, I discover more and more little things "must be in the pod". Like my roll of pattern making paper, which I want right now to draft some patterns! I have all these ideas buzzing around in my head and if I don't start on them, the momentum will be lost.

Plus, living in a place with white walls, beige carpet and aluminium windows...just isn't me.

Hey, universe! I'm putting it out there: Find me a new home! Thank you.

Home Sweet Home image from HERE

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  1. I hope you find somewhere to call home soon. living between home is always tough xx


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