Monday, July 5, 2010

50 Things

The current challenge over at Blog This is "50 Things".

I decided to create a list of 50 Things I want to do, some with or for my daughter, and some just for me. I'm going to print this out and tick them off as I can...probably over the next 50 years!

With or for my daughter:

1. Give her a great education – both scholastically and via experience.
2. Build on her love of books and reading. TICK
3. Live overseas for a year or so. Preferably in France.
4. Learn to speak fluent French.
5. Take her to top of the Eifel tower instead of only to the second level then having to leave because a small child wants to go to the toilet.
6. Take her to Italy and show her beautiful works of art.
7. Encourage her to stick with her ballet – it will give her grace and poise.
8. Spend a month in New Zealand over the Christmas Holidays so she can experience the country her mama comes from.
9. Encourage her to learn an instrument and read music.
10. Buy her a piano
11. Take her to Canada
12. To live in a rambling old Queenslander, with gracious verandahs and a swinging porch seat and secret spaces to hide and explore. TICK
13. Take her to Japan
14. Make sure she can swim, and foster her love of water
15. Teach her to sew TICK
16. Teach her to knit
17. Show her the delights of growing your own food (working on it – hopefully by summer!)
18. Take her to places where she can experience the freedom city kids don’t have much of these days
19. Buy her paints and canvas and encourage her to express herself
20. Visit Tasmania
21. Let her climb trees and get scrapes and bruises
22. Teach her life lessons
23. Encourage her individuality and quirky style
24. Laugh with her, sing with her, dance with her
25. Love her with all my heart

Then just for me:

26. Explore every shop and market in France
27. Have my own mini orchard. That would be in the yard of the old Queenslander. TICK
28. Go to New York almost TICK
29. Become an internationally established, profitable children’s fashion label.
30. Have a beautiful shop of my own
31. Take beautiful photos SOOC
32. Find a ‘signature dish’ that I can whip up for dinner parties and guests will rave about
33. Go on a luxury cruise
34. Learn to play the guitar. I’ve always wanted to be able to sit around a campfire and whip out my guitar and strum along.
35. Master crochet. This is in the works – I have the materials, just need to find the time. It shouldn’t be too hard as I was able to crochet when I was a kid!
36. Go on a Thelma & Louise style girly road trip, without the killing and dying parts.
37. Own a real designer handbag TICK - does Kate Spade count?
38. Master ice skating. I can go around and around, go backwards and snowplough but would like to be able to do something a bit fancier.
39. Discover good health
40. Ride my bike without getting puffed
41. Learn to sew in a zip properly
42. Learn to make Chaussons-aux-pommes
43. Accept my wrinkles as laughter lines
44. Find some comfortable yet stylish shoes
45. Learn to sleep for 8 hours unaided
46. Start stretching properly so I’m not putting my chiropractors kids through private school
47. Learn to make amazing iced cakes
48. Find patience
49. Start painting again
50. Choose joy!

Image source: Eva Juliet

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