Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiki's Garden

I love gardening, and have a little bit of a green thumb. I've always loved planting things and creating my own garden, to the point in my early earning years I would sometimes have to live on toast because I'd spent too much at the nursery. At one stage I was even enrolled to start a full time horticulture course, however a good job opportunity came up, so I didn't do the course. That was actually one of the biggest crossroads of my life, I met many pivotal people in that job, not accepting it and doing the course would have altered my entire life.

So, I am content pottering around my little plot at home. For now it has been rather "no fuss" gardening, however Miss TikiBoo is showing an interest, and wanting a flower garden, so we spent some of the Easter break creating our cottage garden.
We've also included an edible area, with herbs and some lettuces - she wanted tomatoes but they end up looking too messy, so I said no!

Here are the Stage One photos, I'll update as we go to see how things progress - as long as the neighbours cat keeps out, the little *%#@ has been digging in the seeded area. Hopefully Grandpa will bring over some wire tomorrow to cover it until they grow enough to mulch around.

Basil, Oregano, Italian parsley and Lettuces:
Cinerarias, Primulas, Patiolas & Snapdragons:
Ranuncula rhizomes, Poppies & Cosmos seeds planted. More in seed raising pots in case these don't work due to horrid cats! Lobelias at front.
Tiny Cosmos seedling:

I can't wait to have a roit of colour happening - although theoretically they will all be shades of pink, purple & red, sometimes they don't always turn out that way!


  1. I love that last pic of the seedlings. So delicate.

  2. gorgeous... oh I wish I could get into mine... we had a frost this morning... here comes WINTER


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