Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooray for fabric...and make room for Liberty

Wow! What a fantastic response to the fabric destash! I offloaded more that 100 yards of fabric on Monday night, mostly in the first 10 minutes - som of our lovely ladies were lining up and knocking on the door, facebook style. Once I've collected payment for everything and finished sending these packages, I'll see what we have left over.

At least there is now room for my current obsession...

Yes, more Liberty of London! My sister was in London a few weeks ago, so I sent through a request for these gorgeous fabrics. Not quite sure what I'm going to make with them, for now I'm still quite content to take them out and look at them, feel their softness and ponder whether this will one be a blouse or a dress, if that one is for me or Miss TikiBoo. I actually let Miss TikiBoo select a fabric to buy, can you guess which one was her pick?

Do you have any crafty obsessions? Something you keep stockpiling for a rainy day?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Liberty Fabrics (I have 3 of the styles in your picture) Boy they are hard to cut up. Please post photos when you make something :) Target overseas has recently released a Liberty range - I want to travel just to see it. I would also have to admit to a fabric hoarding obession I think.

  2. lovely...

    mmm? maybe the pink and white flower one? 2nd from the top?

    hey... think you need to do another tutorial of some sort... my fans would love it....

  3. I've heard about the Liberty for Target, but that the quality wasn't as good - clothing in Liberty prints on inferior fabrics, rather than the lovely soft lawn. I wouldn't mind some of the teacups etc though!

  4. Oh they're just lovely! I have a slight fabric obsession... but can't justify Liberty...maybe if i had a little girl to sew for?!

  5. ohhh only 7 liberty !

    You can make better , ahah ;)


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