Wednesday, February 10, 2010

McCop Out?

Miss TikiBoo turns four next week.

In between starting pre-prep (her), sewing up a storm and preparing for a Mathilda's market (me) the energy and effort required to organise a birthday party was beyond comprehension and months in advance I was wondering how it could be achieved. How would I get the house tidy? How would I find time to cook anything, given the market is the day before? And numbers - our yard is the size of a postage stamp, we don't have room for every girl in her kindy class, plus her other friends. It's hot here in Feb, and humid. Then having to clean up after it all...yikes.

Last year we attended a party at McDonalds. She loved it, and declared that she wanted her 4th birthday party there too.
Phew. I was off the hook. A Maccas party it shall be.

What do you think about the Macca's party concept? A cop out or a godsend?


  1. A godsend. We did Maccas for my eldests 5th birthday (his first year at school) and I don't think I would have coped without having a breakdown had I done it at home. Last year we had DD's 5th at home (she was pre-prep) it wasn't too bad with only 6 little girls but this year she is having a Maccas pary as I am just not up to doing the whole class at home thing :0 I will bring my own cake though because I always make them.

  2. I don't have kids, but I think every kid should have one Maccas Birthday party. Every kid I know had one when they turned 4 or 5 and they were the best. Especially when having Maccas was a huge treat when I was a kid, we hardly ever had it, so to go to a Maccas party, it was pretty special. Plus, when you've had so much on like you have, you're allowed to take advantage of something like that, which in the end is probably cheaper (and less stressful prep wise) than having it at home and all you have to do is write invitations!

  3. Right at this very moment an absolute godsend. I am in the throws of arguing with DS over his 7th birthday party and the amount of kids he can have. I wish one our Maccas did parties, but they don't, we dont have a play cenre, and HJ's dont either. I would give anything for an easy option lol

    I am regretting saying yes at the moment and only have a couple of weeks to contemplate a cake - yes cause here I cant even get one made - sigh - the joys of country living I guess


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