Friday, November 20, 2009 you sew?

I am looking for 3 volunteers to trial a simple little sewing project for me! It will be an item of girl's clothing. I will provide all required items except thread. You will get to keep the finished product.

Criteria -

- You must have a sewing machine, or access to one. An overlocker won't be required.
- You must be able to sew at least to a basic level, and be able to read a sewing pattern/tutorial.
- You must have time to complete the project within 3 weeks.
- You will also need to have access to a girl child between the ages of 2 and 7.
- Good quality photos of the finished product and feedback will need to be sent back to me by the due date (3 weeks after receipt of parcel).

- You MUST be an amateur sewer and not sewing for business! That would defeat the whole purpose of the project!

If you are interested, please leave a comment and make sure there is an email address I can contact you at! Please leave the age of the girl you would be sewing for as I have 3 sizes available and require one of each to be made.


  1. I would love to give it a go
    I have only been sewing for a couple of months, just basic dresses for my twin girls, but am loving it and always up for trying something else :)
    They are 20months old.


  2. I would love to give it a go for you. My daughter is sz 5 and wears sz 4-5 I have been sewing for 12 months making clothes for my kids.
    my email is:

  3. I would love to help out. My niece is in the 3year old bracket (bordering on the smaller side)

  4. I see you already have three people volunteer but thought I would put my name forward anyway.
    I have been sewing for a number of years, pretty basic stuff for my kids, and as gifts. My daughter is 4 and a half years old and generally wearing size 4.
    You can see my sewing blog here
    email is

    My motivation has been lacking so I would love the opportunity to find my sewjo!

  5. whoops - try again.
    I would have a crack at it. But Pip is only 20 months, and Lilly is 8, but still wearing a size 7.

  6. If you need another sewer, I'm keen to give it a go!
    I am a beginner sewer and have a niece who is 2 and a half.

    My email is

    Sarah :)

  7. I really really love to sew for my daughter who is 3 and would absolutely love to trial a simple sewing pattern for you :)

    My email is...

  8. If you are still after a sewer, I am willing to have a go too. I have a daughter who is two and a size two. Beginner sewer with a sewing machine but know how to read patterns and follow tutorials. I am making my daughters clothes at the moment, I think it is nice to have unique and swishy things :-)

    Naomi :-)

  9. Hi, you've prob found enough volunteers, but I'd love to help out. I have a three and half year old daughter that I sew for. Have been sewing for a while, mostly just for myself and now my daughter too. I love being able to make something that no-one else will have!


  10. I'm happy to help out too if you are still looking for someone! I've an almost four year old girl who is definitely a model in the making LOL!!?? She's got the pout going for sure! I love making her clothes so if you need me, I'm here. :)


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